American Craft Beer Movement

Drinking Craft BeerWhat is craft beer? Craft beer is unique, distinct, different and better. American craft beer is made by small and independent breweries with imaginative brew masters that brew beer using traditional methods developed hundreds of years ago combined with new creative and innovative techniques. Craft brewers focus on making better-tasting beer using high quality ingredients. Unlike large brewing companies that make large quantities of beer, craft brewers make theirs in smaller handcrafted batches.

The number of different beers offered by large American breweries you may be used to, is quite limited and most of the time driven by American Adjunct Lager – A light bodied, pale and carbonated American style lager with low bitterness, thin malts, and moderate alcohol. Focus is less on flavor and more on mass-production and consumption, cutting flavor and sometimes costs with adjunct cereal grains, like rice and corn.

While craft breweries are focusing on flavor, quality and sustainable manufacturing processes, and offering a wide variety of brews like German/ Czech Pilsner, Wheat, American Blonde/ Pale/ Brown Ale, American India Pale Ale (IPA), Porter; just to name some. The uniqueness and creativity of craft beer is also reflected in the design of the labels.

Enjoying craft beer is more than just drinking beer; it is a lifestyle and a philosophy! You can drink a cold Pilsner at the beach, pair a barbecue dinner with Ale, or wrap up your day with friends with a Porter or an IPA. Choices of craft beers are just unlimited.

Come to Franken Brau with your friends and family. Try our hand-selected craft beer. Whether it is one that was brewed at high elevation or the foothills of the Rocky Mountains or at sea level in a forest near New Orleans; you will find the right style for you.