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Abita Brewing Company

Abita Brewing Company

Abita Springs, Louisiana

Abita Brewing Company is nestled in the pine forest of Louisiana about 30 miles north of New Orleans. They have been handcrafting beer in small batches since 1986 using only the finest ingredients, including British and North American malted barley, German and American yeast, Pacific Northwest hops, and pure artesian water.

Aspen Brewing Company

Aspen Brewing Company

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen Brewing Company was founded in the world-famous ski town of Aspen in 2008 by a man with a passion for craft beer and life in the mountains. Aspen Brewing produces a wide range of craft beer that represents the outdoor lifestyle that people love in Aspen.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse

Loveland, Colorado

The founders of Grimm Brothers Brewhouse started out by brewing craft beer at home, then chose to expand production to make beer as a business. They studied the long history of German beer production and combined that with their American craft beer passion. Their beers are named for the stories collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, also known as the Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales.

Upslope Brewing Company

Upslope Brewing Company

Boulder, Colorado

Upslope beer is brewed to be the perfect premium craft beer for the active, outdoor Colorado lifestyle. Using the purest ingredients, each batch of beer is brewed just right for it to reach optimum flavor. The beer is packaged in cans to make it light, portable, and easy to take on your next adventure.

 Telluride Brewing Company

Telluride Brewing Company

Telluride, Colorado

In 2011 after years of planning and perfecting their brewing process Telluride Brewing Company had been formed in Telluride, an old mining town and in the meantime a skiing resort in the Rocky Mountains. Beers are brewed at an altitude of 8,750 ft./ 2,667m. The beer comes straight from Rocky Mountain snowmelt and is made from premium malts, hops, and yeasts that create rich aromas and smooth-tasting flavors.

 Eddyline Brewing


Buena Vista, Colorado

Eddyline opened in May 2009 and initially began as a brewpub brewing on a 3-barrel brew house.
In 2011, Eddyline opened its production brewery and started canning with their Crank Yanker IPA. Eddyline chose cans due to their much smaller environmental impact and better ability to preserve the quality and freshness of the beer.



Abita lightAbita Light (12floz., American Lager, ABV 4.0%, IBU 10, SRM 3) – An all-malt lager brewed with Pilsner and Carapils malts and Vanguard hops. Smooth and flavorful light beer, crisp and refreshing with a mild hop aroma.

Abita GoldenAbita Golden (12floz., Pale Lager, ABV 4.2%, IBU 11, SRM 4) – A crisp, clean continental lager with a refreshing taste and a brilliant gold color. Only four ingredients are used: American malt, Mt. Hood hops, German lager yeast and pure Abita Springs water.

Abita AmberAbita Amber (12floz., Vienna Lager, ABV 4.5%, IBU 17, SRM 20) – A Munich-style lager brewed with pale and caramel malts and German Perle hops. It has a smooth, malty, slightly caramel flavor and a rich amber color; subtle hops, crisp, with residual sweetness.

Upslope Craft LagerUpslope Craft Lager (12floz., Pale Lager, ABV 4.6%, IBU 15, SRM 4) – A premium American lager brewed entirely of malted barley and infused with snowmelt for a clean, easy, light-bodied beer; crispy with broader depth of malt and subtle bitterness.

3 Golden hairsGrimm Brothers 3 Golden Hairs (12floz., Czech Pilsner, ABV 4.6%, IBU 40, SRM 6) – A clean, crisp hoppy Pilsner brewed in the Czech style that features a malty Pilsner aroma and flavor. It’s perfectly balanced with the floral hoppy character of spicy Saaz hops for a refreshing beer.


Abita Purple HazeAbita Purple Haze® (12floz., Wheat/Fruit, ABV 4.2%, IBU 13, SRM 10) – An American style wheat beer brewed with real raspberries added after filtration. It is brewed with pilsner and wheat malts and Vanguard hops. The berries add a fruity aroma, tartly sweet taste and a subtle purple color and haze.

abita-strawberry-harvestAbita Strawberry (12floz., Wheat/Fruit, ABV 4.2%, IBU 8, SRM 6) – An American style wheat beer brewed with pilsner and wheat malts and Vanguard hops. Real Louisiana strawberry juice is added after filtration resulting in a crisp lager with a sweet strawberry flavor, aroma and haze.

silver-city-aleAspen Silver City (12floz., Pale Wheat Ale ABV 4.3%, IBU 14) – Silver City, with a light golden color is low in alcohol and big in flavor. Light bodied with a bright, tart, sour and citrus flavor on the front while keeping a soft, pillowy and refreshing wheat flavor on the finish.

whacked-out-wheatTelluride Whacked Out Wheat (12floz., Wheat, ABV 5.1%, IBU 22, SRM 4) – An easy drinking American style wheat beer; light citrus aroma, crispy, refreshing with a mild wheat finishing and light bitterness brewed with Cascade, Tettanger, and Saaz hops.

German Style

Master ThiefGrimm Brothers Master Thief (12floz., German Porter, ABV 5.2%, IBU 20, SRM 30) – A German-style English Porter brewed with dehusked malts, German hops, and Alt yeast. It has an aroma of roasted grains, coffee, bitter chocolate, dark malts, and light and earthy hops.

Fearless YouthGrimm Brothers Fearless Youth (12floz., Munich Dunkel, ABV 5.8%, IBU 22, SRM 22) – A Munich Dunkel (“Doon-kel”) brewed with toasted malt that produces a bready chocolate flavor. Fearless Youth is made with just enough hoppy bitterness to scare away and overt sweetness. Then it is carefully lagered to produce a cleaness that is typical for a Munich Dunkel lager.

jolly-rogerEddyline Jolly Roger (16floz., Black Lager/Schwarzbier, ABV 5.0%, IBU 20, SRM 30) –An easy drinking dark lager with roasted maltiness, a smooth crisp and clean finish as well as some chocolate/toffee and coffee notes.

Little Red CapGrimm Brothers Little Red Cap (12floz., Altbier, ABV 6.2%, IBU 29, SRM 18) – A German style Altbier with a brewing style that uses the top-fermenting yeast of an ale and the cold conditioning of a lager. The result is a clean-tasting, full-bodied ale. It uses specialty malts and the finest European and American hops. Like its namesake, Little Red Cap is copper-colored and alluringly sweet.

snow-dropGrimm Brothers Snow Drop (12floz., Kottbusser Ale, ABV 7.1%, IBU 10, SRM 20) – Kottbusser ale originated in Germany and Snow Drop is the recreation of this beer that had been lost to history. Flavor offers some nice creaminess, molasses, sugars from the oats, honey as well as some lemon like aroma. It is brewed with pilsner and wheat malts and Hallertau, Magnum and Saaz hops.


Aspen This Season’s Blonde Ale (12floz., English Pale Ale, ABV 5.6%, IBU 24, SRM 5) – A classic English-style pale ale brewed with wheat and honey malt flavor paired with bright floral and citrus hop flavors from Palisade and Citra hops.

Pale Ale

Abita Restoration Pale AleAbita Restoration Pale Ale® (12floz., Pale Ale, ABV 5.2%, IBU 20) – Brewed with pale, caramel, and Carapils malts, this beer is liberally hopped and dry hopped with Cascade hops. This golden ale has a rich body, mild bitterness, and a snappy citrus hop flavor and aroma.

Bridal Veil Rye Pale Ale CAN ARTTelluride Bridal Veil Rye Pale Ale (12floz., Rye Pale Ale, ABV 5.6%, IBU 50, SRM 4) – Brewed with a generous amount of German Rye malt and an abundance of American hops, this rye ale embodies an earthy flavor and finishes with a hint of spice.

Upslope Pale AleUpslope Pale Ale (12floz., Pale Ale, ABV 5.8%, IBU 36,SRM 5) – Its refreshing characteristics and signature dry finish blend smooth malt flavors with a unique spicy hop bitterness. It has a light golden color and aromas of earthy hops and clean malt.

Eddyline River Runners (16floz., Pale Ale, ABV 5.75%, IBU 60, SRM 5) – Refreshing and crisp pale ale that borders on an IPA with IBU of 60, grapefruit, split pine and pineapple aromas with a light, dry finish, brewed with Magnum, Cascade and Amarillo hops.

Upslope Citra Pale Ale (12floz., Pale Ale, ABV 5.8%, IBU 37, SRM 10) – An American Pale Ale prominently featuring Citra hops, paired with light crystal, caramel malt. The Citra Pale Ale with deep golden color delivers pungent grapefruit and tropical fruit aromas with a semi-dry finish. It is one of the few hoppy beers that is not bitter.

Brown Ale

abita-turbo-dogAbita Turbodog® (12floz., ABV 5.6%, IBU 28, SRM 50) – A dark brown ale brewed with pale, caramel, and chocolate malts and Willamette hops. This combination gives Turbodog its rich body and color and a sweet chocolate, toffee-like flavor.

Face Down Brown AleTelluride Face Down Brown Ale (12floz., ABV 5.7%, IBU 28, SRM 30) – Brewed with Magnum, Tettanger, CTZ, and Cascade hops, Face Down is a hybrid of an English and American-style brown that explodes with toffee, chocolate, a touch of black coffee and nut flavors.

Upslope Brown AleUpslope Brown Ale (12floz., ABV 6.7%, IBU 35) – A medium-bodied Brown Ale brewed in the English tradition with an infusion of American creativity. The rich, malty backbone balances an assertive hop character and ends with a smooth, dry finish.


belgian-styleUpslope Belgian Style Pale Ale (12floz., Belgian Pale Ale, ABV 7.5%, IBU 30, SRM10) – Light bodied dry Belgium style ale with full flavor. Trappist Ale yeast provides fruity esters with prominent notes of pitted fruits that are balanced out with slight coriander spice at the finish.

andygatorAbita Andgator (12floz., Doppelbock, ABV 8.0%, IBU 25, SRM 10) – Abita Andygator® is a unique, high-gravity brew made with pilsner malt, German lager yeast, and German Perle hops. Unlike other high-gravity brews, Andygator® is fermented to a dry finish with a slightly sweet flavor and subtle fruit aroma.


abita-big-easyAbita Big Easy Session IPA (12floz., IPA, ABV 4.5%, IBU 40, SRM 7) – An IPA that delivers the same powerful hop flavor you expect from an IPA, with a body, finish, and ABV of 4.5% that makes this beer go down easy. Brewed with lemon peels and dry hopped with Cascade, Amarillo, Centennial and Simcoe for a hoppy aroma of citrus, fruit and pine.

Tempter IPATelluride Tempter IPA (12floz., IPA, ABV 6.4%, IBU 74, SRM 13) – An American-style IPA with deep flavors created by using a copious amount of bold hops, Tempter IPA has a slight bitter taste and finish with grapefruit, hops, caramel, and pine aromas.

wrought-ironAbita Wrought Iron® (12floz., ABV 6.9%, IBU 80, SRM 12) – This India pale ale is forged with the intensity of Apollo, Equinox and Mosaic hops and brewed with pale ale malt for a golden color. Aroma has floral notes, citrus and a bit of nutty malts, it finishes with a medium bitterness and some grapefruit flavor.

Upslope India Pale AleUpslope India Pale Ale (12floz., IPA, ABV 7.2%, IBU 65, SRM 12) – A bold, deep, and bitter ale with a coppery color indicative of a traditional IPA. Upslope IPA has a complex malty character and is more well-balanced than most IPAs but still offers the bitterness that IPA lovers seek.

aspen-aleAspen Independence Pass Ale (12floz., IPA, ABV 7.5%, IBU 62, SRM 12) – A super-hopped high altitude rendition of the classic India Pale Ale style named after Aspen’s eastern boundary and elevation 12,095 ft. (3686 m) mountain pass. It marries generous amounts of Columbus, Cascade, and Simcoe hops for perfectly balanced floral and citrus flavors.

crank-yanker-canEddyline Crank Yanker (16floz., IPA, ABV 7.0%, IBU 60, SRM 12) – A classic American IPA brewed with Magnum and Cascade hops. Crank Yanker is moderately sweet and malty with slight bitter finish. Grapefruit, pine, ginger flavors and notes dominate, the finish is crisp and dry.

black-eddy-ipaEddyline Black Eddy (16floz., IPA, ABV 7.5%, IBU 75, SRM 35) – A very well-balanced and smooth dark IPA with a slight roast on the aroma and chocolate and cocoa notes, an earthy piney-forward bitterness on the finish.

fishwater-ipaTelluride Fishwater Double IPA (12floz., IPA, ABV 8.5%, IBU 82, SRM 14) – Double IPA featuring nutty caramel notes with a big piney resiny bitter finish and a bold ABV, balanced by generous amounts of spicy and fruity American Magnum, Chinook, CTZ, Centennial and Citra hops.

Upslope Imperial IPAUpslope Imperial India Pale Ale (12floz., IPA, ABV 10.0%, IBU 90, SRM 14) – Upslope’s Imperial IPA captures a golden orange color with a medium body and smooth dry finish.  Each barrel is brewed using six pounds of a unique blend of hops to impart subtle flavors of pineapple and melon to the central hop notes of citrus and pine.

Big Bottles

cloud-9-labelAspen Cloud 9 (22floz., Belgian Farmhouse Saison, ABV 6.8%, IBU 21, SRM 5) – A traditional Belgium Farmhouse Saison, light and crisp citrus aromas with subtle clove and coriander flavor. Orange flavor blends with crisp malt and Sterling hop aromas.

double-red-labelAspen Double Conundrum Red (22floz., American Strong Ale, ABV 8.6%, IBU 77, SRM 12) – Fresh hops from ‘Hire Wire Hops’ in Panonia, CO give this beer a bright hoppy flavor, semi-sweet but with decent bitterness, harmonius caramel malt body creates balance with the hops.

co-82-labelAspen CO 82 (22floz., Imperial IPA, ABV 9.4%, IBU 82, SRM 14) – This 82 IBU Imperial IPA has bright, tropical fruit flavor and aroma combined with a complex blend of earthy hop character. The pronounced hop flavors are balanced with sweet, warm, and bready English malts.

Aspen Breckenridge Bourbon BarrelAspen Breckenridge Bourbon Barrel (22floz., Imperial Stout, ABV 10.3%, IBU 24, SRM 50) – 10th Mountain Imperial Stout is aged in fresh Breckenridge Bourbon Barrels for 12 months. Deep and complex malt flavors provide a rich canvas for bourbon, vanilla and oak flavors with hints of dark fruits and plums.