About Franken Brau

Franken Brau was founded by two entrepreneurs who share a passion for high quality craft beer. Gary is a home brewer and Bruno grew up in Germany where he developed his discerning taste for craft beer. Gary and Bruno wanted to bring their love of American Craft Beer and the Craft Beer culture to CNMI. They hand selected the breweries and beers to provide the best variety in styles and flavors for a true American Craft Beer experience at an affordable price.

Not only does Franken Brau provide the finest selection of American Craft Beer on Saipan and the Northern Marianas, it is also the only retailer and distributor on CNMI to ship beer from the breweries in refrigerated container and to store it in the refrigerated facilities to guarantee the best quality possible.

Franken Brau offers all craft beers for you to taste at the Beer Pub or to buy at the retail store and take it home. You can also find the craft beer we carry in stores, restaurants, and bars. Come to our Beer Pub to discover the styles and flavors you like the best.

Would you like to serve American Craft Beer in your bar or restaurant? Please contact us.